Innovation Oracle, the leaders in innovation capabilities, innovation benchmarks, innovation metrics, innovation diagnostics and self assessments for SMEs
Innovation Oracle, the leaders in innovation capabilities, innovation benchmarks, innovation metrics, innovation diagnostics and self assessments for SMEs

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Welcome to Wave®

Your path to innovative growth

Would you like to

  • make resources go further
  • strengthen your entrepreneurial edge
  • streamline your company's growth capabilities
  • capture more valuable opportunities
  • attract and retain more talented people
  • boost your competitiveness

With WAVE you will know how. WAVE measures and benchmarks business and entrepreneurial capabilities with a unique strategic management model. You get the measures that matter - knowledge for making superior decisions, leveraging your investments and achieving better results.

WAVE is a fast, robust assessment customised for entrepreneurs just starting out through to companies with up to 500 employees.

Answer the questions and get your report instantly.

  • see your company's strengths and weaknesses in a fresh way
  • see how your capabilities compare with best practice
  • engage, align and energise your key people
  • separate short and long term improvement priorities
  • Track and guide your progress

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Getting Started

If you don't have a subscription or a subscription code, email enquiries@disciplinedinnovation.com and ask us for one.

You can complete assessments on a do-it-yourself basis in about 30 minutes. If you invite others, such as your leadership team you will need more time for discussion as you move through the assessment.

Our team of trained facilitators and coaches provide online support using SKYPE. On-site support is available in some countries.

Equipment Checklist

  • The tool work on IE, Google and Safari for Ipads
  • If you decide to involve your team in a group assessment session, plan ahead. When choosing a room and a PC or Notebook for the session, make sure that all participants can easily see the text on the screen. Use a data projector for larger groups.

Mastering Innovation

Following several years of research WAVE is emerging as an accurate lead indicator of growth. WAVE goes beyond productivity and profit; it makes it easier for you to foster and manage innovation - the most powerful source of growth.

By using WAVE you can create and capture more value with less risk. WAVE helps you to shape a culture of innovation and boost returns from your innovation activities.



Chambers Ireland is delighted to be using WAVE. It ties in with our strategic goal of becoming the leading provider of knowledge and training in Ireland.

John Dunne
CEO, Chambers Ireland

I have used WAVE and was impressed with the insights and results delivered.

Angela Jones
Benchmarking Manager
European Foundation for Quality Management

We have found WAVE to be faster and easier to use than any other assessment we know. The outputs are simple, practical and pragmatic. It comprehensively identifies all areas of strength and weakness and action required for improvement and growth. We have used it across Europe in companies with mature, sophisticated management and in companies with no basic management systems in place. Each time it has helped us to add value in a very short time.

Barry Watson; Partner; Pragmatique, Edinburgh

Two things stood out from the WAVE report: my managers and I had differing perceptions of the strength of the business, and specialist skill development was a priority. Now, motivation and teamwork are visibly stronger and we have set up a commercialisation skill building program.

Richard Wilson; proprietor; Wiltronics Electronics

There were two sides to the assessment. WAVE confirmed previous fears and started me on the path to structural change.

Geoff Sammons
Owner and MD, Ringwood Mazda

We have found WAVE to be a valuable tool for connecting with, assessing and advising new exporters. It complements our exporter coaching program by identifying client capabilities and needs for balanced corporate growth and innovation.

Peter Harrison
National Manager, ICT Client Services, Australian Trade Commission

WAVE gave us the quickest identity of the factors we needed to address in improving the management of innovation in our business. By using WAVE we were able to rapidly identify the quick fixes and the longer term priorities. It also gave support to a lot of management decisions and it is comforting to be able to find a tool that gives some direction. Within six weeks we have been able to drive some new projects into a place that are very attractive and one has moved to an order stage from a client. Should anyone (except a competitor) want to call me for a referral I would be happy to provide one.

Tom Debney, Chief Operating Officer, Megara (Australia) Pty Ltd

European Organization for Quality

WAVE is endorsed by EOQ, Europe's official professional quality association.

Many scholars and thought leaders have contributed to designing, refining and validating the suite of WAVE tools. Special thanks go to Dr Colin Benjamin, Dr Christine Pitt; Dr Matthew Butlin, Head of the BCA Innovation Study Commission; PhD students and Dr David Francis, Deputy Head, at CENTRIM, University of Brighton; Professor Christer Karlsson, Copenhagen Business School; Dr Sabine Brunswicker, Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering; Emeritus Professor Murray Gillan, Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Dr Daniel Prajogo, Faculty of Business & Economics, Monash University; Associate Professor Don Scott-Kemmis, School of Management, ANU; Peter de Jager, Canadian writer and speaker on change management, technology and business; Professor Zoltan Matolcsy, Faculty of Accounting, University of Technology, Sydney; Dr Pieter Walker; and Shoji Shiba, Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukiba, Japan.

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